What We Do

Cheese & Sundry

First and foremost, we are here to represent, honor, and promote the producers we work with and the foods they create for us to enjoy. There is a reason each item we offer is on our counters, on our shelves, in our catalogs; and we want to ensure that our customers and guests have the opportunity to taste and enjoy these foods in a way and state that will make the people who made them proud.

As a retailer, Cheese & Sundry is a showcase for the foods imported and distributed by Food Matters Again. Partnering together, we are able to bring cheese and charcuterie from the east coast and abroad to your tables in the most flavorful and best condition possible. Likewise, we can bring together goods from California and the west to send back to Brooklyn, ensuring integrity in the logistics chain by being more hands on and in control.

As a wholesaler, Cheese & Sundry is focused on delivering a chef program ensuring the highest quality of condition and care backed by a hands on educational program. Our educational program for restaurants also allows us the opportunity to share our knowledge in a more formal setting with our guests, and we look forward to the possibilities that entails.